Evelyn is nearly complete!

Whew. After nearly six months, we are almost done with Evelyn. It’s reached it’s final cut and is in the last stage of post-production!

We will start giving you some more information about the film in the weeks to come. For starters, we are having a private premiere party for it, and will begin submitting it to film festivals. As we sort out the list of submissions, we will let you know which festivals we decided to submit it to.

Also coming up for Evelyn will be a trailer for promotional purposes, and the actual film to be online. That should all be happening toward the second half of August.

We all worked very hard on this project. The Evelyn page will be updated with the entire cast and crew, as well; so stay tuned for that!

Thank you!

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It’s quite difficult to update everything all the time!

Mike, me (J.D.) and the rest of our crew have been hard at work putting together our short film, “Evelyn.” We had several shooting days in both May and April as time permitted for everyone. We’re very happy to see this film come together. We have one last day of some pick-up shots to get, and then post-production is official; although we’ve already been editing it! Oh, we will be submitting this film to several festivals and are really hoping for the best!

We will soon have some media for you to view, including behind the scenes footage, some polished clips from a few scenes, some movie stills, a MOVIE POSTER — and eventually a trailer!

The Evelyn page is being updated right now and will have all the current information on our main cast & crew.

As the title of this post states, it’s been difficult to keep the updates going since all of us are also working other jobs and have lives outside of the film! It’s a shame, but that’s why we have been hard at work making this film, so we can finally take that step in the right direction to be doing this for a living.

Thank you for keeping tabs on us – and keep checking for new updates!

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you work and prepare to get something accomplished, there are circumstances out of your control that interfere and tear everything apart. Out was unfortunately sabotaged by people that were trusted to work on it in a major way. In addition, J.D. was badly rear ended on the freeway right around that time as well. A long story short, we put the film on hiatus.

We are now ready, again, to make some waves. Firstly, Mike has been working on his Funny Bunny films, mostly solo, for the past few months. He has a spectacular episode to be filmed Saturday, March 2 with the help of J.D. and several others. It will be adopting the Don’t Smile label.

In addition, Mike and J.D. recently helped out friend and fellow collaborator, Don Evans with his short film/pilot, “The Misses.”

And finally, the formal announcement of “Evelyn.” A short film that J.D. wrote and will direct. After Evelyn, we will be revisiting “Out.” The synopsis for Evelyn along with cast, crew and tentative dates for it will also be posted soon.

Thank you for your patience as we sort out every obstacle life has to throw at us!

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What’s new?

It may have seemed like we didn’t do much over the last year. It’s true, but there was a good reason. Due to J.D. getting very sick with cancer last year, our plans were derailed immensely. It threw everything off track, and since we had not even begun to get funding for Redfoot Trail, it got put on the furthest back burner imaginable. No doubt, it was a dark time us for quite a while.

But, now, J.D. is doing much better and Don’t Smile Productions is getting ready to jump back into the game. We are temporarily keeping Redfoot Trail on hold and will be using this time to put out some short films to (hopefully) get noticed and show that we have what it takes to be given a decent budget for a feature length film.

Our first endeavor is a dramatic short film called Out. J.D. wrote it while he was sick and it’s about a young man dealing with cancer. It’s personal, but fictional and we feel will be good enough to get some recognition at a few film festivals. We are currently casting for it now, and as we progress with the film-making, will try to keep you updated. A trailer for it will definitely be up here when it’s ready.

Thank you for checking us out!

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Welcome to Don’t Smile Productions!

Don’t Smile Productions is  an amusing and ironic name that reminds us not to take life too seriously. Our passion and goal is to make films with intriguing narratives that will entertain and inspire target audiences.  We plan to create and produce quality and entertaining drama, comedies, suspense and horror films, as well as genre fusion, such as dramedies.

Don’t Smile Productions is ready to create our very first feature film “Redfoot Trail” but we can’t do this alone. WE NEED YOUR HELP!  The best way to help us is to pass this video along to everyone  that you know.

Thank you for your support! It truly means a lot in our time of need.

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