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It may have seemed like we didn’t do much over the last year. It’s true, but there was a good reason. Due to J.D. getting very sick with cancer last year, our plans were derailed immensely. It threw everything off track, and since we had not even begun to get funding for Redfoot Trail, it got put on the furthest back burner imaginable. No doubt, it was a dark time us for quite a while.

But, now, J.D. is doing much better and Don’t Smile Productions is getting ready to jump back into the game. We are temporarily keeping Redfoot Trail on hold and will be using this time to put out some short films to (hopefully) get noticed and show that we have what it takes to be given a decent budget for a feature length film.

Our first endeavor is a dramatic short film called Out. J.D. wrote it while he was sick and it’s about a young man dealing with cancer. It’s personal, but fictional and we feel will be good enough to get some recognition at a few film festivals. We are currently casting for it now, and as we progress with the film-making, will try to keep you updated. A trailer for it will definitely be up here when it’s ready.

Thank you for checking us out!

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