Sometimes, no matter how hard you work and prepare to get something accomplished, there are circumstances out of your control that interfere and tear everything apart. Out was unfortunately sabotaged by people that were trusted to work on it in a major way. In addition, J.D. was badly rear ended on the freeway right around that time as well. A long story short, we put the film on hiatus.

We are now ready, again, to make some waves. Firstly, Mike has been working on his Funny Bunny films, mostly solo, for the past few months. He has a spectacular episode to be filmed Saturday, March 2 with the help of J.D. and several others. It will be adopting the Don’t Smile label.

In addition, Mike and J.D. recently helped out friend and fellow collaborator, Don Evans with his short film/pilot, “The Misses.”

And finally, the formal announcement of “Evelyn.” A short film that J.D. wrote and will direct. After Evelyn, we will be revisiting “Out.” The synopsis for Evelyn along with cast, crew and tentative dates for it will also be posted soon.

Thank you for your patience as we sort out every obstacle life has to throw at us!

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