It’s quite difficult to update everything all the time!

Mike, me (J.D.) and the rest of our crew have been hard at work putting together our short film, “Evelyn.” We had several shooting days in both May and April as time permitted for everyone. We’re very happy to see this film come together. We have one last day of some pick-up shots to get, and then post-production is official; although we’ve already been editing it! Oh, we will be submitting this film to several festivals and are really hoping for the best!

We will soon have some media for you to view, including behind the scenes footage, some polished clips from a few scenes, some movie stills, a MOVIE POSTER — and eventually a trailer!

The Evelyn page is being updated right now and will have all the current information on our main cast & crew.

As the title of this post states, it’s been difficult to keep the updates going since all of us are also working other jobs and have lives outside of the film! It’s a shame, but that’s why we have been hard at work making this film, so we can finally take that step in the right direction to be doing this for a living.

Thank you for keeping tabs on us – and keep checking for new updates!

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