Evelyn is a new short film written by J.D. Flom and produced with Mike Betancourt.

Synopsis/Logline: Ray, a self-loathing detective, detached from his home life, is thrown into a demanding case that forces him to re-think his outlook on life.
Running Time: 27:50
Genre: Drama

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    Trailer coming VERY soon!

    Director: J.D. Flom
    U.P.M.: Mike Betancourt
    Cinematographer: Jackson Waldo
    Sound: Quentin Garcia
    A.D. and Hair & M/U: Cierra Gonsalves

    Rafael Siegel as Ray
    Roxy Vickerman as Evelyn
    James Weaver as Tony
    Lauren Margaux as Dina

    Also starring:
    Robert Michael Haley
    Mike Betancourt
    Quentin Garcia
    Reginald Bohanan Jr.
    Josh Dietz
    Ashley Marino
    Nathaniel Sverlow

    Additional Visual F/X by Null ‘N Void Studios
    Additional Equipment by Matthew Robinson and Donald Evans

    Featuring music Joan Laqui and Reggie Ginn. Please support them by checking out and purchasing their music.

    Special Thanks:
    The Bresman Family, Blair Lowe, Phi Nguyen, Leonard Row, Derek Stettler and Matthew Varpness, Kim Waller, Nichole Hanley and Megan Hanley

    This film is dedicated to the memories of:
    Sy Sherman (2002-2012)
    Alexander James Lewis (1984-2012)
    Antoinette Guzman (1923-2012)

    Status on this film:

    7/29/2013: The final cut is complete and we are applying color correction as the last step!

    5/23/2013: Nearly all principal photography has been completed & editing is heavily underway.

    4/12/2013: Principal photography starts today!

    2/27/2013: The first draft of the script has been written. It’s undergoing some peer review and will be moving forward shortly.

    2/11/2013: We will have a synopsis and more information about this film up here soon. We’ll be casting for it toward the end of February and shooting is tentatively set for late March – early April. The title of this film may also change.

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