Redfoot Trail (Planned, but on hold)

“Redfoot Trail” takes you on the suspenseful journey about four hikers working out their personal issues, and  unknowingly being hunted as they travel to the coveted peak. Utilizing limited locations, special effects and cast members, “Redfoot Trail” could easily be made on a limited budget.
“Redfoot Trail” is the story of Adam and Claire, a married couple in a rough patch; and their single friends, James and Kelly, invited on the trip in hopes of making a romantic connection. Shortly after they start hiking, a string of bizarre events lead them to think that they are not alone. While frustrated from arguing amongst each other, a quick swim cools their tempers. Adam leads them to the highlight of the trip, the peak of the trail, which happens to be reminisent of the place where he proposed to Claire years ago. Before they can finally relax, they find out they really arent alone and the hunt begins.
Soon, our hikers are forced into a dangerous game of hide and seek created by a demented, hooded stranger who has a diverse arsenal of weapons and many deadly traps at his disposal. “Redfoot Trail” has non-stop twists and turns as the young hiker’s  beautiful day tailspins out of control as they try to survive.

Redfoot Trail is currently on hold while we get ourselves back on track with a few short films. Please stay subscribe and/or follow us on facebook to stay updated! Thanks!


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